Municipal finance meets data science

The Munitrend platform combines thousands of data points from audited financial statements, economic data sets and other sources to elevate municipal finance analysis

Munitrend data platform

A growing database of municipal financial and economic information and analytics

  • Pull as reported financial statements
  • Analyze pension and OPEB obligations
  • Create peer compare tables in seconds
  • Rank credit quality across entire sectors

Quantitative Credit Scoring

Data driven analysis providing a relative measure of economic and financial health

  • Built on a deep set of economic and financial data
  • Component scores highlight strengths and weaknesses
  • Statistical methods surface outliers
  • Relative at its core, making comparisons easy

Alerts to new information

New financial reports and economic releases rapidly analyzed

  • Follow credits for timely alerts
  • Receive notification when a new financial report is available
  • Updated analysis soon after CAFR release
  • Improving and weakening trends surfaced

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